Stefan Postol Art Exhibiton


Stefan Postol Art Exhibition




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Stefan Postol was born in Oradea, Romania on the 13th October 1976. He studied at the art  college in the city, being awarded a certificate in ” industrial design ” and a license degree  in “art pedagogy”, major “art therapy”. During his studies and after their completion, he drew caricatures and street portraits in most of the EU countries. He executed mural paintings, restorations, paintings, sculptures and thematizations in Romania, USA, Hungary, Morroco, Spain, Austria and the Netherlands. In 2015 he settled with his family in Amsterdam and he has been working ever since for international customers. The mural paintings with impressivesizes are characterized by bright colours and are made by contemporary approaches with pop-art influences. His canvas are complex subjects thought on different challenging themes,approached with force, by mixed techniques, the dominant technique being the “drip-painting”. The most representative collection approached the theme “Contradictions”2014.


The artist continues to thematize conference halls, offices, hotels, stores, malls, family residences, restaurants and spas worldwide with mural paintings, mural relief, sculptures andartificial rocks. The artist’s targets are large-scale works, especially mural paintings and reliefs.


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